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    We have a 9 year old ranch style house that began having efflorescence appear across the basement floor starting about 5 years ago. After removing the carpeting this year, we found that it is affecting areas in all the rooms in the basement. Acting on advise from one company, we stripped the concrete sealer off and painted the floors with epoxy paint and a clear topcoat sealer. Three small places had the paint to bubble and efflorescence reappear in one room; in the family room, an area 7 x 14 has most of the paint blistered and pealing with efflorescence appearing; also the hallway is mostly blistered/pealing. We do not know what to do to permanently stop the efflorescence so that we can finish the basement.

    Our house has always had guttering, and the proper grade around the house. Even though there has never been any water coming through the concrete, we keep a dehumidifier running in the basement.

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    Howdy do you hae plastic under the carpet? Concrete wicks water. Was gravel back filled before the basement slab poured? How far away do your gutters drain away from the house 8 foot is better . Any sprinkliers shooting tword the house. Any water hungery plants next to the house?

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