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    Cool Window Problem

    HELP Please!

    I have a home with vinyl windows that have argon gas in between the two panes of glass. The manufacturer was
    a company called capital. These windows are the original ones in my house. I upgraded from the standard
    windows they put in my home. From the outside they have a light blue-ish gray tint to them instead of the
    typical clear tint to them. My house was new in 1999 so I am bewildered by what has occured.

    Problem: Most om my 18 windows have mold growing in between the sealed side of my windows. It
    seems that this year we started noticing moisture in the middle of the window panes which quickly has turned
    to mold. It seems to be much worse on the back side of the house which faces due WEST. Full Sun! Its as if they have become small green houses. Before this year I had no problems and my utility bills were low . I have a two
    story around 2700 square feet.

    I have never heard of this. Have you heard of this? Is there any thing I can do except replace ALL the windows
    in the house? I would really like your advice.

    Thank you very much and I always watch your show on PBS in St. Louis, MO. My family watch it
    together. We love the show!
    Bob McBee Jr.
    Wildwood, MO 63011
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