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    Default need help with attic insulation setteling

    i have a home in wy . i insulated it with blow in fiberglass about 5 years ago . i went up to change out duct for bathroom fan and found that the insulation had settled down to about 8".i would like to get some more blow in insulation and go green at the same time. isaw some product at home depot that is called eco something. paper or fiberglass ? and if i add some more paper insulation will it compress the fiberglass to where it loses it's R-value ? then how to figure how much to add. i would like to end up at R-38 or 40

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    Default Re: need help with attic insulation setteling

    Howdy, blowing in paper will compress the fiberglass as it has more weight so whom ever blows in paper would allow for this and blow in more to compensate for the compression. Advantage of the paper is that it reduces air infiltration where as fiberglass does not. R value depends on the denisity of the insullation application. Figerglass about R3 per inch paper about R4 per inch.

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