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    Default Quick deck/porch post footer?

    I thought I saw on Ask This Old House a concrete sphere (maybe 10-12 inches diameter) with holes through it for deck/porch posts. Re-bar was hammered through the holes to prevent shifting. 4X4's? could then beplaced on them for the vertical support. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks for any help

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    Default Re: Quick deck/porch post footer?

    What I don't like here is the rebars in the soil.

    I'll choose the basic Simpson hold down in concrete.

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    Default Re: Quick deck/porch post footer?


    i set the tube in the hole then backfill making sure the tube stays plumb then fill it with concrete just as the concrete is setting up i will put a post bracket into the concrete or i will drill out the fully cured concrete with a 1/2" sds bit and anchor the bracket down with 2 concrete wedge anchors. the old school method of keeping the post from kickign out was to drill the hole in the concrete then drive a peice of 12" long rebar down in with 4" sticking up out of it, then drill the 4x4 so it sits down over teh rebar
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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