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    Default Re: Buying a whole house generator for home

    Diesel more cost effective than Natural gas? Sure about that? I see fuel stability and gelling in cold weather an issue as well.

    Natural gas costs about $1.25 per therm. You et 100,000 BTU"s for that. Diesel runs around $4/gallon and delivery 147k BTU's per gallon. Even if the diesel engine is 30% more efficient thermally (not likely that much)... natural gas is still around 1/2 the cost. Less if you factor in the higher up front costs.

    Natural gas is supplied continuously and it the delivery is extremely reliable and in unaffected by most natural disasters... and even after severe tornadoes that may have levelled houses, is restored well before electricity.
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    Default Re: Buying a whole house generator for home

    As Jack mentioned running the generator for short periods of time is the key for long outages. Who wants or needs to listen to a 30K generator 24/7? Besides it drives the neighbors crazy.

    Chargeable flashlights (or an inverter/battery)and a some form of aux. heat allow the generator to be run for a few hours a day, to charge the batteries, watch the news. A generator will also heat the water, cool the house and cool/cook the food.

    In the future, you may have an electric car which could seve as an emergency generator, if it had the ability to charge the battery.

    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
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