We have been having an issue with our air handler in the attic. Since we have a hot water furnace, I guess this is a good place for it other then the extra summer heat.

Well the repair person stated that that condenser (outside unit) has a leak. They put in a clame with the warranty company and they aggreed to replace it. Great was my thought. But due to US government changing rules on refrigerents used. We can't get a external unit to replace our failed one. So now the Home Warranty company wants us to eat the cost of the attic air handler.

So my question is for the community. Is this my problem or theirs. They state they are only responsiable for the failed unit but it sounds like they are picking the cheaper item and letting us pay for the $2500 unit while they only have to pay $700.

What is the community's thoughts on this? I say it is their problem for they choose to replace the one unit so they should have to pay for both. I have been reading the warranty but I can't see anything so far that states they would have to pay for both units.

Thanks for your thoughts!