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Thanks again for answering my post. I appreciate everyone's input

no upstairs registers/return vents.
I had the same eaction as Sten about no upstairs registers & return . . . I can't believe this was approved in 1988 . . . I live in NoVa, and the state government is not impressive and the local is only a little better.

In the summer, how are you cooling the 2nd floor ?? I think the HVAC design is so bad that you'll need Mike Holmes to start tearing down parts to install a return and some floor registers on the 2nd floor. It doesn't seem that it's an equipment problem. How about room or window mounted units (they're unsightly though)

From reading TOH posts, I've learned you need a return on the 2nd floor: (1) during the summer the hot air needs to be drawn away; sending cool air into the space is not enough, and (2) you're getting conditioned air (cold or warm) in the 2nd floor through the staircase cavity ??. So I have to ask, are you sure ?? The other possibility is that the Builder skimped but the inspector would have caught such an obvious blunder and I can't see this plan complying with habitility code.

Your utility closet reminds me of a 1,200 2-story townhouse I once had in NJ built in 1976. Boy, the utility closet was tight (smack in the middle of the TH), forced air A/C & gas heat plus water heater. Not enough height on the combined A/C & air heat system (main trunk duct) to retrofit a humidifer so it was desert dry in the winter.