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    Default Ladder Safety -- Roof Access

    I need to be able to get onto my roof. I have an extension ladder that is plenty long enough, but I don't feel comfortable making the transition between the ladder and the roof. In particular, one of the rules of ladder safety is to never extend your reach to a point where your center of gravity extends beyond the ladder's legs -- and thus I don't feel comfortable stepping off the ladder "sideways."

    Do you know of a product (such as an extension) that allows for this transition while at the same time doesn't violate this safety rule? For example, is there such a thing as an extension ladder with "missing" rungs at the top that would allow you to step onto the roof while still maintaining a hold on the legs?

    I guess I should also mention that my roof is low pitch. The eave is about 10 feet above the surface where I would mount the ladder.
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