I have a 4" pipe extending out of my basement walls that causes 3-4" of water to accumulate in the basement.

When it rains or snows more water accumulates in basement. This is on both ends of the basement. A trench is dug but with little help water rises above it.

I have had Building Code Enforcements look at it 3x's and what they say is that because the part of the pipe is on my property I am responsible, they are only responsible for the part that is not on my property. RIDICULOUS!!! A constant battle with them.

I had 4 different plumbing contractors look at it, what they suggest to do I cannot afford. I thought about getting rainbarrels and capturing the water to use but I just don't know how, I am so plumbing illiterate it is not funny.

Tried to post pics but kept getting an error message