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    Good Day,

    I just had a new shower and faucet put in. It is on a dial type handle. When I pull up on the stopper to have the water go to the shower head. The water goes up but water is still coming out of bathtub faucet. Is this normal or what could it be?

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    You probably have a bath spout with a defective diverter. Replace the diverter spout.

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    Your installer did a sloppy job in not operating the diverter, and if it allows water flow to the faucet, should have replaced it -- how did he expect you to not notice it ??

    But, first, make sure you pull the diverter to the closed position. If you have high water pressure, it may require a little more force, but not so much yanking force that you fatiguing the faucet. Another test is to deactivate when already diverted. It will require some down force -- but play with it a little bit to see if everything is smooth.

    If all the water is not diveted to the shower head, the faucet spout w/ the diverter needs replacing. You have a new installation, so it should come off (can anyone out there confirm it would be counter-clockwise turn ??).
    I always had a fear with an old faucet that I would break the threaded copper pipe nib so put up with having a little leakage. But as this is a new installation, you should be fine.

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    What type pipe was used? If it was CPVC or PEX it cannot be used between the faucet and the spout as it is a smaller ID then copper.


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    Hello, Depending on what brand tub/shower diverter was installed, some manufacturers use this method to control the 2.5 to 3gpm that is required to save water coming out of the shower head. I know this doesn't make sense but some of them do this to "pass" the required specifications to "save water" coming out of the shower head, but yes, they are still waisting the water down the drain. Ask the manufacturer of the tub/shower faucet.
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