I have been afraid of saying anything because of the years of bat droppings which I have recently become aware of. I have a farmhouse which has been in the family for over 165 years. It is what is referred to as a 4 over 4 with newer 4 over 4 built in the 1860's which t's into it. The oldest part of the home has only 2 porcelain fixtures to provide power for the entire upstairs. While trying to remedy this, I have had electricians come out and never call back. I finally realize part of the problem is the contamination in the upper attic space. Although we are finally getting someone out with a bigger ladder than we have to put a bag over the opening so the bats can leave and not find a way back in, we still have the clean up or the encapsulation to do. I had hoped we would not have to do it that way, and, I am afraid we will be starting a very serious health issue in the garage/granery building and the barn. The bats we get out of the house will likely go to the other buildings. I don't want droppings all over my truck! Some bats have gone there already. What do I do- what can I do? Obviously, they are not making a dent in the mosquito population this year. I have no idea what the State of Michigan can do-if anything, what is required; what alternatives might be out there, and I have become afraid to say anything. I think I would rather have asbestos!! Do you have any suggestions? I have always loved this home with it's charm and character and now I have become afraid that I will, indeed, be the last generation to live here. If I cannot make this home more user friendly, it will become the "scarey" house no one wants to live in. Please help me. I need suggestions from people who KNOW.