There was an end table in a TOH issue from last fall. I'm finally getting around to trying to build it and I have questions.

I can't post a link to the plans since this is my first post to TOH forums. So, if you do a search for "Side Table" the first link that comes up should be the plans to "How to Build a Side Table."

The legs have a parallel 5 deg cut. The crosspieces are also cut at opposing 5 deg angles. When they are put together according to the picture on step 2 the top will not sit flat on the legs/crosspiece. I have a drawing (if you can call what I did in mspaint a drawing) to illustrate, but again the board won't let me post a URL or a picture since this is my first post. Here's the URL to the pic, take the spaces out and put in a period instead of dot.

tinyurl dot com / 3knd37e

So, my question is how is it supposed to work? I've been putting the pieces together several different ways trying to figure it out and it just doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!