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    just sanded my drywall, what are the steps before painting?or how to clean after sanding?thanks.
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    At the very least you'll want to sweep the sanded areas with a broom to knock off the dust, better would be to vacuum with a shop vac, cleaning out the filters regularly to maintain optimal suction. Follow this with a thorough sweeping and vacuuming of the floors.

    Prime with two coats of a good quality primer such as Zinsser's Bullseye 123 (blue label ) and two coats of a good quality paint such as Kelly Moore. When you're applying the primer and finish coats, it's imperative that you apply them as evenly (shadow free ) as possible to get the best quality finish. If you leave shadows with each coat, you'll end up with shadows with the finished product.
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    I think we are assuming that you are rolling this area. If, per chance, you are spraying the primer, be sure to "back roll" it. Any dust that should remain on the surface of the drywall, especially over the taped areas, will be integrated into the primer and a firm bond to the drywall will result.

    Avoid any of the "self-priming" paints on new drywall. Self-priming paints have their place, but it is not on new, dusty drywall. Besides, why prime with a relatively expensive finish paint when a simple primer will do fine?

    Use a 100% acrylic primer, not any of the PVA drywall primers, especially if your finish coats are to be a higher gloss. Your finish coats will hold their sheen much better over a premium primer.

    Personally, I feel the primer is even more important than the finish coat. You will never be able to bond to that bare drywall again! Also, it is kind of like putting a heavy, premium padding under carpet - it makes even a lesser carpet feel and look better!

    One final point: If you are going to try to get by with only one finish coat, have your paint dealer tint the primer almost as dark as the finish color. It will give you better coverabiltiy and give the finish coat a richer, more true color.

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