I recently upgraded my house hot air heating system humidifier from a wheel type that dips into a water basin to a new style called Aprilaire that just pours water over the face of media.
My concern is the condensation pump that was once used for just over flows from the reservoir is now getting 2 gals a min pumped into it from the humidifier. The pump has about a 1/2 gal tank and seems to short cycle and run on and off the whole time the furnace is running/ every time the furnace is running, I'm afraid it's not going to last & burn out in service.
I recently bought a Little Giant 1 gal condensation pump,
This is a much faster (violent) pump and seems to be over kill and not the solution I was looking for. This takes longer to fill but then empties in 10 sec's and starts again.Still cycles a lot per every furnace cycle.

I am looking for a large reservoir 1 - 2 gal slow gentle pump like the 1/2 gal pump so that it won't cycle 5 times to every one cycle time of the furnace.