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    Default Well water pH is 4

    Our well water tested with a pH of 4. I am hesitant to use a salt based system to raise the pH level as both my father and I have high blood pressure. Does anyone know of other systems available to raise the pH of our water that do not use a salt based product?

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    Default Re: Well water pH is 4

    Your water is dangerously acidic. This kind of water is so corrosive, it poses danger to your body, as well as plumbing, pipes, faucets and tubes.

    Use a neutralizer to raise the water pH, before the water enters the house. Soda ash, baking soda and salts are used to achieve a balanced pH. I think you can find an automatic built in dispenser to do the job.

    Think about it: if you add salt to acidic water, the salt is cancelled by raising the pH level. You just have to make sure that your new pH level doesn't go over 7.

    In the meantime, don't drink your tap water.

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    Default Re: Well water pH is 4

    I agree, but I would use bottled water for drinking. I too have a high acid content in my water, but it is only 5.5. A pH of 4.0 does not sound like something normally found in nature. I would have the water tested for other chemicals.

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