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    Default sprouts around my Flowering Crab

    I have plum trees in my yard, which are growing everywhere! In 2006, I planted a 'Thunderchild' flowering crabapple several feet away. Every year, vagrant plum suckers start growing at the trunk. Carefully, I pull them - any advice to keep them away?

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    Default Re: sprouts around my Flowering Crab

    To get the vagrant plum suckers to stop appearing you'd need to cut the plum tree down and kill the roots. Or you can kill the roots and the top part will die on its own.

    Plums, like many trees in the Rosacea family, are grafted onto wild rootstock. The top part is the desired Thundercloud in your case. The grafted wild root stock grows much better and faster than any Thundercloud tree would on its own roots.

    You can mow those bad boys down with your mower. If they are popping up through the mulch,just cut them off with pruners. Any herbicides will harm the root system of the Thundercloud and should be avoided.

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    Default Re: sprouts around my Flowering Crab

    There is a product called Suckerstopper by Monterey that is supposed to stop suckers. google it.

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