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    Default Patching siding after insulating

    I asked this question on the insulation board but this might be a better place for this question.

    I'm repairing and painting my house so I thought it would be a good time to insulate the the walls on the old part.

    The original house was built in 1938 and has 9" dutch lap or v-rustic siding. There is no sheathing just tar paper and the siding.

    I was thinking of doing dense pack cellulose.

    I can't find a blower to rent that will do dense pack are the Home Depot style good enough?

    How do I patch the holes so they don't show? The companies I've called that are reasonably priced don't patch.

    If I or they drill through the siding how do I best patch the holes?

    Or should I remove a row of siding at the top and bottom of the wall staple the tar paper and put up some osb in place of the siding while they blow it in and then replace the siding?

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    Default Re: Patching siding after insulating

    installing blown in insulation into a wall that has no sheathing can be tricky. it can leak out with the draft quite easily..

    however i would drill through teh siding itself and after replace those peices of siding and patch the tar paper.

    the contractor who doesnt patch sounds like a hack, any good contractor will atleast repair the house wrap seeing how they are teh ones who damaged it. i would avoid that contractor and call around to find someone else
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    Smile Re: Patching siding after insulating

    Its up to how much do you want to spend?

    I would remove the top dutch-lap board and start filling the cavities with the insulation. Keep some exterior caulk on hand to patch any voids where you see insulation escaping.

    Before you re-install the board, install felt paper so that it slighlt overlaps the board below it.

    Sorry, can't help you with the equipment rental.

    Good Luck!

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