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    Default polyurethane finish over epoxy

    Can I use a polyurethane finish over an epoxy finish on my oak floors? Or are there any suggestions on what to use or do? I can no longer purchase the epoxy finish we used originally.

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    Default Re: polyurethane finish over epoxy

    One trick the floor guys use when they have compatibility questions, is to use a universal sealer first. Universal sealers are basically de-waxed shellacs. De-waxed shellac will stick to almost anything, and almost anything will stick to it.

    It is certainly not a bad idea to "screen" the floor first. Urethanes don't like to stick to themselves once cured. Screening slightly abraids the surface to give better adhesion and also gets rid of minor crud which got into the previous finish. Screening is done with a buffer with a pad on it which looks like the 3M scrub pads you use on your pots and pans. Any good rental store rents such buffers and screening pads.

    You can certainly also make a compatibility test in an inconspicuous area. Varnish a small section and let it cure for 24 hours. Then try to scratch it off with your fingernail first, then with progressively tough materials. It will be obvious if it is stuck.

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