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Thread: Backyard Weeds

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    Every year in our back yard when spring hits we have beautiful grass, but when July and August hit it turns to all weeds. My husband has put seed down every year and used weed killers alog with lime when the time is right. The front yard does not turn to weeds. It has beautiful grass all year. We live in Southern NJ near a large stream. Please help us slove this problem.

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    Your problem cannot be solved, only improved.

    I mean, weed is everywhere. That's a law of nature. You can only control it "this little".

    Let's start with weeding: weedkillers, weedeaters, wackers - nothing is 100% effective. The weeds, roots are still there and more come with the wind. Even removing 4-5" of soil and bringing in fresh top soil won't work.

    Seeds: even the cleanest blend contains some weed. And weed thrives where grass dies. Therefore you see the weed back in the summer. Your front lawn may have different soil, consider yourself lucky.

    Solution: here in LA area, we use lawn dye, to color the dead weed green. Don't laugh, it works. We stopped fighting a war we can't possible win.

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    You don't say where you are, but it sounds like you have the wrong grass. Investigate to find native species that will continue through the summer, or plant some types together so one continues as the other fails. An example, in Texas St Augustine grass is popular, but prone to army worms and needs water. Bermuda and buffalo grass much hardier, uses less water and more bug resistant.

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    Also remember the height of the grass makes a difference. Don't know if the back yard is cut lower. But a 2.5" to 3" length blade is idea to help smother out weeds.

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