I originally posted this ( oops - it won't let me post links until I post more comments, but the thread is here: http s://advice. thisoldhouse.com/ showthread.php?t=112491 )quite a while ago and ended up not having anything done. Now I'm looking at it again. I've gotten quotes for both open and closed cell foam in the past, though the price has likely changed... the open was about 6k, the closed was about 5k.

I don't really care which one I have done anymore, I just want to get it done. Gas bills over the winter totaled about $2000 so it will likely pay for itself fairly quickly. And I've recently started renting the house out for Notre Dame home football game weekends, so if I can finish off the upstairs and add a few more bedrooms it could actually end up being profitable to have it done.

But if one or the other is going to potentially damage the house, I want to know. It's been around for 106 years now -- I'd like it to stay around for another.

Any advice would be most welcome.