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Thank you -- good to know. I suspect we will soon be following in your footsteps! -- Jo
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You have to determine what you wan tot change,, and what you want to leave alone, then look at it from a practical standpoint... what CAN you change without creating boatloads of work?

My last house was very old, and had been remodeled in 1954. So it was a combination of knob and tube, romex, BX, and MC. I had a 200 amp panel installed, and pulled about 1500 feet of new wire, cutting holes in walls for recepticles, drilling down through floor plates to make cable runs, etc. I left the ceilings alone, just putting in boxes (there were just pieces of wood spanning the stud cavities for the ceiling lights)and new fixtures. But pulling wire through the walls was mostly a matter of logical decisions about what and where, and alot of time-consuming fishing with a pair of fish tapes (fish one up and one down and let them hook each other, it is a lot easier than trying to do it with only one tape...), some pull string, some thin weights (to drop pull string down the walls), etc. Really frustrating at times, but not hard to get the feeds to the basement. Once in the basement, it is smooth sailing.