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Thread: kitchen remodel

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    Default kitchen remodel

    am remodeling a kitchen in a house appro. 130 yrs.old How do I "attempt" to level the floor?

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    Default Re: kitchen remodel

    A little description of the problem would help get valid answers.

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    Default Re: kitchen remodel

    I used to live in a 1888 'home' that used to be a barn. It was built with slope included.

    How far out of level is your floor? Will your toe kick area grow too high as to keep the countertops level with each other?

    Were you fixin to tile the floor? If it is a wood substrate, you'll want to check the deflection to make sure the floor will support a tiled or natural stone surface.

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    It would be a huge amount of work to level a floor in an old house. I own a five story 99 year old apartment building and as the floors go up it becomes more out of level. I have remodeled 12 kitchens out of 20 kitchens and it was simpler and easier to level the kitchen cabinents as I installed them. Most of the kitchens were a total of 8 feet so I just custom cut a shim out of an 8 foot two by four for the front of the cabinents and custom cut shims for the front to back portion of the cabinents. I put a little glue on it to hold it all in place and installed the cabinents. I even custom cut a toe kick and stained it or painted it. An expert would not be able to see any difference. Once your screw it all together, secure it to the wall and install the countertop it is not going anywhere and looks like a professional job.

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