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    Default Crumbling mess - Door hinge on drywall

    Here's my problem. The door to my pantry was attached to drywall via drywall anchors, but after years of opening and closing, the corner of the drywall began to crumble. I know that heavy objects typically should not be attached to drywall, but the person that installed the door was an idiot.

    Should I fix the corner with Spackle or wood putty then try to attach new hardware to a different part of the door and attach it to a different area of the wall?

    Is there some kind of epoxy/filler that I could use that would be strong enough to hold the door?

    I'm not sure if there is a stud in that area.
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    Default Re: Crumbling mess - Door hinge on drywall

    Remove the door, fix the wall with proper drywall repair products and techniques, install a proper door frame to carry the weight of the door.

    Rather than fixing the drywall, it may be possible to remove the drywall within the door opening. After you install a properly hung door, install trim around the frame, which will likely cover any wall damage.
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    Default Re: Crumbling mess - Door hinge on drywall

    Cut a hole in the drywall large enough to have blocking behind the drywall which is attached with glue and screws before repairing the drywall.

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    Default Re: Crumbling mess - Door hinge on drywall

    The suggestions you got from Spruce and Houston are right on.

    A door needs the support of something stronger than drywall - stud, blockong, plywood, etc. Install it properly and finish the drywall, and you won't have any problems with it.

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    Default Re: Crumbling mess - Door hinge on drywall

    im with sprucey with this one, you need a proper door jamb for this sorta thing. in some instances you can skip trim around it and fill the space between the framing and jamb with bond but its tricky to do it so it looks like it was always there and the bond will probably eventually crack then fall out
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