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    Question 1952 home fix-up


    We have purchased a 1952 home in Central Florida. We are taking our time with repairs and renovations due to cash flow and skill considerations. But, I have a few questions and wanted to toss them out to all you professional DIYers.....

    1. In my claustrophobic main bathroom, complete with mint condition pink tile, there are several layers of paint that need to be removed from what appears to be good quality plaster. The reason for the removal is that it had prior water damage in the attic and some of the paint has bubbled. Now that we are dry, what is the best way to remove the paint without damaging the plaster? Just continue to gently scape away?

    2. In the living room, at some point texture was applied to the walls, and it looks like one coat of latex paint on top. The paint is peeling wherever it has been nicked and the white material underneath has "sparkle" to it like there is quartz in the compound. It this new stucco or original plaster? I don't want to paint over unstable previous paint layers, do I sand it all down? I am not really fond of the texture anyway.

    I have plenty of other questions, and don't get me started on my 8x10 galley kitchen.....but those can wait for another day. thanks for reading my post - I hope to learn a lot from you!
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