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    Default visable screws on stair treads

    Just removed the runner from the stair case in our 1920's home.
    Hoping to refinish the stairs along with the floors. We found 2 screws in the center of each step, probably to stop squeaking.
    How do we cover the screws or remove & fill the holes so we can refinish & leave the stairs uncovered?

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    Default Re: visable screws on stair treads

    if the stair treads are screwed down they should be countersunk and counterbored, then the remaining portion of the hole filled with a wood plug that matches the wood in the tread.

    i wood back out the screws then counterbore them, install new screws then plug
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    Default Re: visable screws on stair treads

    You could countersink the screws and fill the holes with face-grain wood plugs cut from matching wood. You may as well, since the screw holes aren't going away.
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    Default Re: visable screws on stair treads

    fill the holes with wood plugs is a great suggestion

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    Default Re: visable screws on stair treads

    If the screws are uniformly placed on each step, maybe you could replace them with decorative screws and it could be a "feature" instead of a "bug."
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