Hello, all. I want to wrap the columns of my new patio but I'm not sure how. They are pressure treated 4x4's & I'm thinking of "wrapping" them with clear pine 1x6's, but at the base I'll use PVC base board 1x6 or 1x8 so no wood will be touching the concrete patio. Let me interject here that I'm sort of a hack carpenter. I know enough to make it look right but maybe not enough to make it so it will last. I was thinking of using miters & biscuits or maybe "locking rabbet" joinery I found on the internet that seemed ultra secure. The joinery - I can do that. But here's my issue: From my research most people think it's critical to install the wrap in such a way that it "floats" on the 4x4. In other words, I've read where guys have glued & screwed wrap to there posts, only to have the joinery split several months later due to wood movement. I'm in Georgia, south of Atlanta so we have plenty of humidity, heat & yes, sometimes pretty cold (a few winters back it hit 7 deg F). So...how should I "secure" my wrap to the 4x4 to allow for proper ventilation & movement? I want to do this project only once! Thanks for your time!