the hubby and i just bought our very first home. It's a little farm house thats just darling. Theres only one room that drives me nuts & thats the kitchen..I've been told the walls in my kitchen are Marlite? im sure this would be great if i was a really super sloppy cook..I dont know why anyone would put marlite in a kitchen..a bathroom i could see but not the kitchen..Anyhow is it possible to tear off marlite? or is it a better idea just to paint overtop? Would textured wall paper be a good idea and would it even stick?!!! I'd really like to start in this room first..I have big beautiful giant white cupboards and the marlite is white with specks of ****..from far off it looks like grease splatters yuck!!!!!!! what products would you recommend i use? thank you so much in advance for your help.