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    Default Easy to use locks for double-hung windows???

    I have a Victorian with its original double-hung windows in good shape (except that they're painted shut - but that's another thread). Once I chip the paint off of them and get them open, I need to be able to lock them while I'm away. Some of the windows have a metal lever/latch on one side (painted over completely, of course). I have not been able to find anything like this sort of side latch anywhere.

    What I have been able to find are the brass "crescent type" latches that connect to the top of the lower sash, in the center. However, having a medical condition that often makes my arms weak and numb, I have never been able to open and close this type of latch. So I'm looking for something that even an arthritic 90-year-old would be able to use without sharp edges ripping any skin off. I find the newer white latches on vinyl windows are easier to use, the kind with the little lever, but the only ones I've found for sale say "ideal for vinyl or aluminum windows." -- Does this mean they will NOT work with wooden window frames?

    Can someone point me in the direction of a window latch that's both easy to install and easy to use? I don't want the kind that you have to use a key with, I want something that's simple and quick, for windows that will be opened and closed very frequently, like the bathroom and kitchen windows. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Easy to use locks for double-hung windows???

    One of the easiest is to drill a hole in the channel just above the sash and install a nail or bolt that will slid in and out easily. It will prevent raising the window when in place.

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    Default Re: Easy to use locks for double-hung windows???

    Look for a cam-action sash lock. They require less force to operate than the crescent style. Properly installed sash locks for wood windows pull the sashes together to make a weathertight fit. Sash locks for vinyl windows don't pull the sashes together.


    A Google image search for "cam sash lock" returns quite a few options.
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    Default Re: Easy to use locks for double-hung windows???

    Also, if you don't need a lock that pulls the two sashes together (e.g. you are mostly worried about security) and the top sash stays up (e.g. is painted shut), a sturdy dowel works. Cut it equal to the distance between the top of the inside window and the top of the inside sash, paint if desired and you can even put felt pads on each end for a tight, non-marring finish.

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