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    Default faucet and shower attachment for claw foot tub

    I just ordered an inside mount faucet, shower riser (shower head sold sep) and curtain ring with wall and ceiling supports from Home Depot. It was about $600. The one I found at a specialty store (Rejuvenation) was twice as much. Does anyone have any experience with these shower kits? Is there that much of a difference in them that one will cost twice as much as another? Thanks!

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    Default Re: faucet and shower attachment for claw foot tub

    Prices very depending on what they are made of and the finish. Plastic is generally cheaper than pot metal which is cheaper than brass. Triple plated cost more than single plated finishes and "forever" finishes cost more than just polished finishes.

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    Default Re: faucet and shower attachment for claw foot tub

    Besides Jack's simple explanation, there is the word "markup".

    Stores, small or large, are forced to gouge, or go under, because of their operating costs, not to mention their bottom line. Most of those operating costs cannot be cut, and are passed to the consumer.

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    Mark up.

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    Default Re: faucet and shower attachment for claw foot tub

    Yes, there's mark-up; there has to be. But there's also competition which keeps mark-up in check. Pricing around means checking many places-not just a few, and comparing like items- not just things that look similar. The biggest issue I've found with this type of curtain ring is solid mounting- often there's nothing solid where you really need it and the brackets aren't movable to compensate. That can take a small job into a big one rather quickly!

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