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    Default Rotted Column Base

    Several years ago, we replaced rotted columns on our porch with round permacast columns. These sit on 3' high square concrete-faced bases with spruce trim (columns are slightly smaller in diameter and required trim for aestheticsreason.) with an atteached ceadar shake faced wall topped with spruce planks). Caulk seals the seams at the bottom of the column base to the spruce trim and adjoining plank. The spruce trim has now rotted out from water collecting in the joinery seams, and needs to be replaced. We are looking for an appropriate replacement material recommendation- something loadbearing that can be painted white.

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    Default Re: Rotted Column Base

    if your willing to do some work pressure treated can be made more presentable and will take paint.

    as for the trim, azec is vinyl pvc composite trim that is designed to be used specifically outdoors and will last 1000 years. plus it is already white, but you can paint it if you desire
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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