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    Default Replacing exterior stair treads

    I am rebuilding the wooden steps leading to my back porch/entryway. Both were covered with 1x4 strips, butted together. Since the four stairs will be exposed to the elements, I don't want to recreate the "solid" plank effect of butted and painted strips. I think there should be gaps between the strips, maybe 1/8". Am I right? Apart from the stringers, I am not using PT wood, but priming and painting pine. Thanks

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    Default Re: Replacing exterior stair treads

    Any design will work, as long as it's constructed well.
    But, I would choose a better wood than pine. One wood which is better is White Oak.

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    Default Re: Replacing exterior stair treads

    if your using 5/4 decking you'll be better off than using pt treads... decking allows for more drainage and wont cup or split like treads will
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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