Either I have a ghost in the Victorian house I just purchased, or a major electrical problem, because the lights have started dimming at random, sometimes turning off completely, then getting brighter again. Every light in the house does this - all the ceiling fixtures and wall sconces (there are a lot of wall sconces). An electrician recently grounded some outlets in the house that weren't properly grounded, added more dedicated circuits, and took out some knob and tube wiring that had been spliced into the romex upstairs, but the problem seems to have gotten even worse since then. I thought that taking out the knob & tube would fix it...? So, since this is happening to ALL the lights, and I'm assuming they're all on the same 1 or 2 circuits, since there were only 2 circuits powering the entire house... is the problem most likely to be at or near the circuit panel? Anyone have any experience with this? I haven't noticed any electrical appliances turning off, just the lights.