Hi all,

I need help in solving this puzzle...
This spring we planted cidar trees all around our yard so that we have a nice green wall when they are taller. They were 10 Gallons plants, wery healthy looking. The guy who does occasional jobs for us put ~ 2feet away from them ~ large Jobs' fertilizer stiks all along the perimeter. Now all of a sudden - half of the trees are dead, look like burned out!
We couldn't figure out at first as the trees were very healthy and well watered and they grow pretty much on every soil. Now that I think of it - plants can be burned by too much of fertilizer I heard...
Does anybody have any experience with this?
The question now is - we have to re plant them. How do we know that level in the soil is gone down and when is the best time to do this?
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.