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    Unhappy Range opening too small

    About 2 chew nails here! Want to get ceramic top range to update kitchen but our late-80's drop-in opening too small - 29 1/16 ". New ranges all require 29 7/8" & up opening. No wiggle room as cabinets & doors smack dab next to existing range on either side! Are there European brands @ exactly 29"? I'm glum

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    Default Re: Range opening too small

    I know that Kitchen Aid makes a 6 burner commercial cooktop model with a 29-3/8" wide base.

    Can you trim your tiles just a tiny bit?

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    Default Re: Range opening too small

    This is a fairly common problem. The fix is usually to notch out the top corners of the cabinets to make room for the drop-in. As long as there is no drawer hardware in the way, there is no problem with this method.
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