I want to insulate and finish the ceiling in our attic space, which we will use as a home office. Everything I've ever read over the years indicates that in between the insulation and the roof sheathing, I should leave an inch or so layer of space for air to convect from the soffit vents to the ridge ventilation, to prevent moisture buildup.

I'm applying for a local program that is subsidizing energy retrofits. It's being conducted by an organization that has a long and impeccable track record in a variety of programs. They built this program using state-of-the-art energy conservation training and professionals.

One thing they are telling me that I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around is that as part of the overall remediation, I won't need this ventilation, and we can insulate right up to the roof sheathing.

Has anyone here seen projects in which this was the case? Before talking to them, I would have said "No way!" to anyone who suggested it. But they tell me that they are aware that the venting I expected has always been necessary, but won't be required for my project due to the whole-house approach they are taking to sealing and venting.

So I'm hoping for responses from people who have knowledge of the approach the program is recommending, not just others like myself who have never heard of such a thing and are also likely to just say it is wrong. As I would (and did)!