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    Default Re: no elec in dining room

    My money is on a loose wirenut on the neutrals.

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    Default Re: no elec in dining room

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    All plugs on 3 walls quit at the same time. And what if the wires are 12 gauge? no stab connection in that case. We have to identify the wires.

    It could also be a short, a nail/screw in the wall touching a wire, a worn out breaker, a breaker with a bad connection or wetness in the panel.

    However, all this discussion may be unnecessary, if the PO can't cut the wall, as he mentioned in his other posting.
    Dj1, if the outlets are daisy chained, which is common even though on separate walls, a loose or broken connection, neutral or hot, on the first will knock out all the other receptacles. 12 ga wire will fit in the stab connectors and I have seen it done many times.

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