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    Default Paver patio meets brick wall


    I'm in the process of designing a paver patio for my side yard, I've learned about the base rock layer, tamping, sand screeding, polymeric sand fill, etc.

    However, the one thing I cannot find any information on is how to tie it into the existing brick wall. This area of the house is off the garage, so there is no basement to worry about, just standard brick exterior on slab foundation.

    Do I need an intermediate/border material, or can I simply start my pavers from the brick wall?

    Aside from the minimum slope of 1/8" per foot, is there any concern about water seepage into the brick/foundation from the base rock?

    Do I need a sealant of some kind?

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    Default Re: Paver patio meets brick wall

    There should be exposed slab below the house brick showing above the patio brick. You do not want the patio brick above the foundation / slab. Will that be the case ?

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    Default Re: Paver patio meets brick wall

    Yes, it's always good practice to install an intermediate border material between the pavers and the brick wall----the pavers and the brick wall are very rigid materials that expand and contract as they are heated & cooled by the sun and climatic conditions and will cause buckling without a thin, flexible strip to separate them.

    Masons and concrete workers use a black asphalt-impregnated strip called a control joint or isolation joint that comes in 4" wide X 1/2" thick X 10' strips that is partially buried to butt up level with the pavers against the brick wall----I've even seen the edge of polyurethane 2" insulation sheets used for this purpose.

    This material is widely available at the home improvement stores in the masonry/concrete department.
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