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    Default reseal or replace also fix stairs

    My deck has these odd 4x4 pads that make up the surface, they alternate directions. This is the 3 time I'm going to have to reseal the deck and I am really beginning to hate the thought of it because of this pattern I can only do one 4x4 section at a time, and it takes forever. I'm not sure of the condition of it, it usually looks really good after I've done it but I'm not sure if it is time to finally replace the surface. The other issue is that the stairs have pulled away about 3/4 of an inch the whole length of one side. It gaps to the outside/away of the deck. I am not sure how to repair this. The rail looks to be plumb/level. I realize the surface is trivial, but I feel I REALLY need to do something about the stairs. Should I try to push/pull the rail back or replace the threads.

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    Default Re: reseal or replace also fix stairs

    We need a photo of the deck.

    Regarding the stairs: how many do you have and what kind of a base they are sitting on?

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