Hello, All:

I have an old house in south Alabama. It was built on several piers and stands about 18 inches above ground.

The flooring is original, with about 1.25" of board (varying widths) running directly across the joist, which run across huge beams (rough hewn logs). Over the years, the boards have flexed and separated, leaving gaps in the floor that now let me see through to the ground.

As you can imagine, heating and cooling are quite expensive.

I would like to insulate the house as best as I can. The previous owner put the pink glass insulation in the walls, but he did nothing in the attic and nothing on the floors.

I spoke with a highly recommended insulation installer. He recommended one of two choices: (1) closed cell foam the entire floor of the house or (2) Radiant Barrier bubble wrap everywhere except the edge, where he would spray foam. (he also said the attic, but that's not an issue right now)

I spoke with the termite company that has my current service and repair bond. They told me not to insulate underneath the house at all, as they would void my repair contract. As in, no insulation of any type whatsoever. He then proceeded to tell me that the insulation guy was just trying to make a sale, and he said the insulation guy knows that no termite company would ever approve foam insulation on an old, all-wood house. In short, he sort of threw the insulation guy under the bus.

So, I am left with an insulation guy telling me one thing and a termite guy telling me something different.

What, then, should I do? Should I not insulate the floor at all? Should I do foam cell and change termite companies?

I'm a little frustrated so I would appreciate any insight.