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    Default Caulk Type for Cellar Door

    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping for some advice on resealing a cellar/basement/bulkhead door. I've searched a bit and I've seen recommendations for 100% silicon caulk as well as for using butyl rubber caulk.

    I'm not sure what the advantages/disadvantages of the two are. Is there a type people here recommend?

    thanks so much for any advice!

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    Default Re: Caulk Type for Cellar Door

    both types of caulking can create a weather proof airtight seal

    though, i much prefer poly buttyl for a few reasons, A) its paintable, b) it can expand and contract to a greater degree than silicone and c) silicone wont stick to itself,, so if you have to recaulk its much much harder to remove and you have to sc**** the material to get it off,, with buttyl you just get rid of the majority of it and recaulk

    also ive seen many windows and doors caulked with silicone where the seal has failed because the silicone wouldnt expand with the material. where as poly buttyl wil continue to perform.

    on this note, a couple years ago i guess, finehomebuilding magazine did an article about different types of caulking. a key point that was made is that silicone will be soon a thing of the past, the fact that its not paintable and wont stick to itself are key things plus the fact that non silicone caulkings have really come a long way and are continuing to get better thus the down fall of silicone
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