We are planning a kitchen remodel. My husband is quite handy, and wants to do as much of the work himself as possible. That is the primary reason why he wants to do a prefinished wood floor - we both like the idea of having a wood floor, and it's something he knows he can install.

However, I've been told that the grooves created by this type of flooring can collect grime and be hard to clean. In addition, we recently had our older fridge leak all over the floor (it's been replaced), which is why we decided to remodel now vs. later.

I've seen mention of "Junckers" flooring and am under the impression that it creates a grooveless floor when put together. Can anyone tell me if that is true, and if there are other prefinished choices that create a grooveless surface?

(and I have to say that as a musician, I never thought I'd be asking for something that is grooveless!! )