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    Default Central air with forced hot water baseboards

    Can central AC be put in a 3 story house wth no duct work using the existing baseboards for the forced hot water heating system?

    Is there a company in RI that does that type of thing?

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    Default Re: Central air with forced hot water baseboards

    The use of hydronic baseboard for AC applications has some use in commercial buildings, where the problems of exterior pipe condensation can be controlled; to my knowledge there is little, if any, use of this method in residential buildings.

    I would recommend you contact local HVAC installers have them do an in-house evaluation of what your options are.

    Ductless mini-split systems by Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and others are very widely used; there is also the possibility of thru the wall ACs for each of the three floors.

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    Default Re: Central air with forced hot water baseboards

    Won;t work with what you have. You must have special fan coil units with drain pans to collect the condensate.

    Plus, to make chilled water, you normally use a cooling tower and indoors a chiller. Those are expensive systems reserved for large commercial installations. I think the smallest you'll find is around 20 tons. You're home likely needs less than 6 tons of total capacity depending on heat load.

    The best solution for you would probably be mini splits. You can put a couple indoors units on each floor. a single outdoor condesor can run up ot 5 indoor units. They are very effeceint and you essentially get zoned cooling. Depending where you live it might be economical to get heat pumps and use them for heating as well in the spring and fall and save the boiler for hte coler winter weather.

    The equipment costs about the same as a split system, but with no ductwork, the installation is simplier and usually cheaper.

    Again, you'll want a load calculation done. I'm guessing you'l end up with 2 outdoor condensor units with 7 or 8 indoor evaporator units.

    I've heard the Mitsubishi and Fujitsu units are the only quality ones worth buying. The Sanyo, LG and others are cheaper and less reliable.

    Again, they are vairable speed and overall more effecient than even a very high effeciency split system. They can be nearly as efficeient as geothermal because you can selectively cool only the rooms you use the most.
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    Default Re: Central air with forced hot water baseboards

    Add one more vote for mini-splits.

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