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    Default How to clamp a corner frame ?

    Several corners (90 degree) in my storm windows have separated. I think I can glue the corners, but don't know how to clamp them while the glue is drying. Can anyone suggest a way or jig of some sort to clamp the frame corner together ?

    The storm windows are in dormers (meaning the outside is the roof slant) and they are effectively on the 3rd floor of a 2 story house with a walk-out basement. Basically, it is too dangerous for the sole earner like me to be Spiderman doing this on the outside so I would need to access the frame from the inside.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: How to clamp a corner frame ?

    The best thing to do would be to remove the window and do the work on the ground.

    If you're doing the work with the glass intact, then a simple ratchet strap will hold things together. Apply the glue, install the ratchet strap around the frames perimeter with a piece of paper between it and the glue joints, and snug it down. Use a hammer and block of wood to help drive (tap ) the corner together as the strap is tightened.

    Another method would be to build a clamping jig. Again, this would be done with the window from on the ground.
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    Default Re: How to clamp a corner frame ?

    I don't know what materials your storms are made of. Wood, aluminum and vinyl would each have a different repair method. Glue would really only be appropriate for a wooden storm.
    Vinyl has a joint either "welded" (heat-fused) or reinforced with a L insert of nylon plastic. The correct type of cement for the vinyl would be crucial to success. Determine if it's PVC or ABS or other.
    Aluminum storms usually have a screw that threads into a channel in the extrusion. These screws could snap or rust and prevent a new screw from being substituted if the stump is still in the way.
    Some storms use folded tabs and caulk for the joint. It the tab is broken, replace that type of storm.
    Another type of storm uses a cast aluminum L that is crimped into the extrusion. If the casting fails, a repair would require finding or fabricating a new piece.
    If it's possible to remove the window sash, it is possible to remove the storm window to the bench for repairs.
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