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    Default repair bark damage

    Hey guys my is brian from vine grove ky.Today i had a delivery made and the truck when pulling out stripped some bark off my tree an area about 8 to 10 inches in length and 6 to 8 inches across with no damage to the wood underneath as a repair they put a roofing sealer over the area, now i'm worried that i've let them do something that will kill my tree have i or is there something i can do correct what they've done before it dies or is harmed to badly to save.Thanks Guys Love the Show,Brian

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    Default Re: repair bark damage

    What's the girth of the tree? If the majority of the bark around the tree trunk is still intact, it should be okay. If not, maybe you can look into "repair grafting."

    I'm not too sure what the roofing sealer would do to the tree, I've heard of people using sealer, but I've also been told that the tree can take care of the damage itself as long as most of the bark around the tree is intact (the tree isn't "girdled")

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