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    Post custom patters on a deck

    Hi all In the middle of redoing my old deck in the center of 2 20'sections i have a 10'x10' section that i would like to do a diamond pattern or something like but need to make sure the decking has the added bracing before i start that section looked in a few mags but not a lot of info in print any aggestions

    is thanks for the info total deck 51x14 with this 10x10' section in the center using 5/4 lumber treated

    steve in new jersey

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    Default Re: custom patters on a deck

    Sounds like this is a single level deck.

    What I would do is frame it for the main14 x 51 run, then in the middle where you want the diamond, install blocking between the joists in the pattern of the diamond. This will support the ends of both the main decking and the diamond section. If you're going to separate the two with a border, you can still use the blocking, you'll just have to install two diamonds, one to carry the main deck ends and one to carry the diamond decking ends. The border pieces should land on the existing joists pretty well.
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    Default Re: custom patters on a deck

    sprucey is correct, lay out all your pattern for lines first with chalk lines so you know where the pattern will be. use distinct colors so you know where the edge of boards will be and other color for the center of the blocking locations

    the more clear a picture you make yourself during layout the faster and precise the actual build will go
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