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    Default Painting Exterior Brick Question

    Hello, I have recently purchased a 1940s home and I am wanting to paint the exterior part of the house. My problem is the existing home owners painted almost everything white including the brick in the front. I have been in the process of removing the white paint and trying to come up with ideas as what to do if I can not get all the white paint off the brick. I am unsure if I should repaint it again and what color? Help!

    I can show pictures if needed =)

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    Default Re: Painting Exterior Brick Question

    I've heard that sandblasting will remove paint from brick without harming the brick.

    Are there any areas where the paint is peeling off the brick now? If so, the cause could be moisture evaporating out of the brick wall and causing the paint to peel off of it.

    If that's the case, when you do repaint it would probably be best to use a masonary paint. Masonary paints are made to allow moisture in the masonary walls to evaporate out of the walls through the paint film. That ensures that your walls stay as dry was possible, and that in turn helps minimize the risk of freeze/thaw damage to your walls.

    Normal exterior latex paints will last longer, but you get better evaporation through masonary paints. So, only use a masonary paint if it's warranted.

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    Default Re: Painting Exterior Brick Question

    Read this from an article how to remove paint from bricks and thought of sharing the tips..patience is needed though
    Use a paint removal solution or system that is composed of gel or paste. First, mix the solution and apply it generously to the bricks. Start with a small, out-of-the-way area to test first.

    Place strips of material over the gel or paste. As the paste softens, it will adhere to the material. When this happens, gently peel off the material. Be careful not to leave paint chips scattered throughout the bricks. If your test area is successfully stripped of the paint, use the solution on the entire area.

    Scrub the paint and chemicals that remain after the paint removal solution has been applied. Use a stiff bristle brush to avoid damaging the brick. Rinse with clean water.

    Take a good look at your bricks after the paint is removed. Are they in good condition, or are they broken, or stained with soot? Sometimes, aftter removing the paint, you learn why the bricks were painted in the first place. If this is the case, you may have to consider repainting them. If you are still dying for that natural brick look, try painting them "brick red". It works better than you might think!

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