I made an ooops. I painted my concrete steps with regular exterior paint. Plus, the color turned out different than I expected. I've reselected a color,and am going to have them repainted with concrete paint, but I have to remove the old paint. It's not blistering or anything, but my handyman says it needs to be removed. He said painting over it would be a disaster. The steps are in the hot sun 65% of the day, and I mean hot. I have 2 dogs that use the steps to go into the yard, and I'm nervous to use a toxic paint remover because A) I don't know when my handyman will be able to repaint with concrete paint, and I don't want my dogs to get something on their paws, even though I intend to clean those steps repeatedly after the paint removal.The grass will absorb a lot of the paint remover, and they are already having problems with foot allergies to grass. And B)I intend to do this myself, and I have asthma, and my lungs are super sensitive to chemicals.

Does anyone know a non toxic environmentally friendly way to remove this paint without hurting the dogs, the grass, and myself? And...do I really need to strip the 3 coats of paint off? My brother said to just sand it the best I can, and paint over it. I'm perplexed.

Thankyou in advance for any advice you can give me. have a wonderful evening!