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    Default Heating/Cooling options

    My mother owns a 100+ year old home in northern Mississippi. It is approx. 2500 sf with 12 ft ceilings. The house sits 3 ft off ground on piers. She is considering installing central heat/air but wonders how that would work with the ceiling height. Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated so that she can find the most efficient way to heat/cool the house. She is currently using propane heaters, as we are in the country, and window air conditioning.

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    Any procedure on determining which type of heating/cooling (HVAC) should be installed in a particular home has to begin with consulting the Yellow pages under "Heating Contractors" or "HVAC Contractors" and have at least 4 to 6 contractors come over the house to evaluate the situation & provide an estimate of what type of heating/cooling equipment would best suit the particular home; the estimate would of course include a written estimate of how much the work would cost.

    Don't ignore word of mouth, and community & business contacts that may have had the work done recently & can recommend a reliable contractor.

    It's important to go thru the process of getting as many estimates from different contractors as possible---this will tend to "dovetail" as the estimates come in, so that the cash estimate can vary considerably, and the choice of HVAC equipment will also dovetail so that a wise decision on both aspects can be more easily made.

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    Unless she's 12' tall what does it matter? As long as you have a proper heat gain calculated for proper sizing of the equipment and ductwork no problems..By the way, Hot air rises cold air falls...

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    The most efficient system would probably be a ground loop (geothermal) heat pump. That would be very expensive and you need the land area for the loops.

    The most cost effective would be a gas pack. That is an all in one system outside the house. You want to specify all metal ductwork with insulation. A lot of the installers want to use flex duct, mice and rats love those installers. It provides them with a safe and warm home for the winter.

    If it is a two story house, a 105,000 gas furnace (150,000 btu on propane) with a 3 ton AC would be a good sized unit for the first floor. You might want to do a heat pump for the second floor.

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