I am new to the No. Virginia area and faced with dying landscape in the current home, and have no irrigation except by hand (it's 95 & humid as I write this). I would like to install an in-ground irrigation system to serve a 40 x 20 parcel on the front, 1/3 is grass lawn which is now spotty, and 2/3 are plants & shrubs.

The land is on a down-slope, and the sides are also sloped resulting in basement exterior walls on 3 sides. There are 3 months of freezing nights. Working on the front landscape is like being on a hill because of the side slopes.

I had a multi-zone system in year-round warm weather, so half of what I know doesn't apply in Virginia which has hot, southern summers and freezing, northern winters.

(1) My water source will be a hose bib (tapping in to main supply will be too expensive, done by a plumber, in the basement and piped to the outside).

My question is what are the best materials to connect the bib to the Valve manifold (which I will buy prebuilt or build myself) ?

I envision using a brass Y-bib. and attaching some sort of a poly-pipe to the valve manifold as the main irrigation water source. The poly-pipe will be exposed for about 4 feet before reaching the in-ground valve manifold. I intend to winterize by turning off the bib. I would need to build the poly-pipe with specific connectors - 3/4 female to connect to the hose bib and a barb converter for the manifold.

(2) I also am having difficulty finding a local irrigation parts supply store -- my local Home Depot doesn't have the selection and most locals drag a hose around or have sprinklers professionally installed. The internet retailers are good, but surprising don't carry all the parts -- one will have pipe drains but they won't carry poly-pipe O-clamps for barb fittings. One will have 1/2" poly and 1/4" flex, but not 3/4" poly for main supply -- really frustrating.

(3) Is it OK to install multiple pipe drains on the same pipe, both at the low spot and near a sprinkler head ?

(4) I will need 2 zones, one for spray heads for the grass, and a dripper type for plants/shrubs. Does anyone have an opinion on dripper -- my idea is to install dripper heads that fit the typical 1/2" fitting. The dripper head is actually a manifold (4-8 barb spouts) where 1/4" flex drip pipe can be attached to the barb spouts on the manifold.

That's it for now as I continue to plan and watch the browning landscape.