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    Default Help chooseing Living Room Trim Color?

    I choose this color for my living room about a year ago and ever since I just haven't been able to figure out what color to use for the trim. Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Help chooseing Living Room Trim Color?


    If you don't get any ideas you like in here, then try:

    The Canadian House and Home On-line Magazine forum at:


    Specifically, their Design and Decorating forum.

    I used to post on that forum a while back, but there were hardly any DIY questions on there. Their idea of "designing" a bathroom revolved entirely around chosing colours for it that went well together. I thought I could be helpful in there by advising them of what kinds of materials to use so that the bathroom they designed would last a long time. But, they just weren't into that DIY stuff any further than painting walls and ceilings, so I was of little help to them.

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